Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Successful Week of Training - Still Paleo, Still 6 for 6.

I have less than 2 months left in Thailand before I go home to work in the U.S. over the summer, so I've been trying to make the most of it.  My number one goal this year was to get in the best shape of my life, and with my long Muay Thai camp and now CrossFit, I feel like I'm finally getting there.

It's been three weeks since I've been eating strict Paleo and cut out all rice, wheat, bread, noodles, and carbs with the exception of sweet potatoes.  It was really difficult in the beginning as every meal in Thailand comes with either rice or noodles, but I decided it was important and stuck with it.  I've been cooking at home on a stove top burner I bought for around 300 baht ($10US) and whenever I go out to eat I order just mixed veggies with chicken and a fried egg or I try to go to Thai BBQ places so I can load up on meat and veggies. 

Here are some examples of what I've been typically eating everyday and how you can Eat Paleo in Thailand

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs in Anchor Grass-Fed Butter, Sweet Potatoes and Avacado

Lunch: Stir Fried Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Veggies
Lunch/Dinner: Stir Fried Chicken, Veggies and Sunflower Seeds

Dinner: Thai BBQ - Grilled Beef and Pork with  Veggies.  129 baht ($4.30) All you can eat.

On this Thai Paleo diet, I have a ton more energy, I'm sleeping really well, I'm recovering from my workouts really well and I'm losing body fat while building lean muscle.  This is my third week going 6 for 6 as in working out everyday Monday-Saturday and resting only on Sundays.  There were a few days I was tempted to take a nap or take an extra day off to rest, but once I'd step foot into the gym I'd feel fine and after the workout I'd feel amazing.

I've really been enjoying my training at CrossFit Chiang Mai, it really feels like a community there, almost like a little family here in Chiang Mai.  The reason why I love the workouts is because it's different everyday and everyday it pushes you to your limits.

Today's workout is:


Strength Workout:Front Squat 5 Rep Max

WOD: Conditioning Workout of the Day

3 RFT (rounds for time)

400m sprint
21 kettlebell swings (24kg men/16kg women)
12 pull-ups

Yesterday was Sunday, Rest Day.  

I'll write about it more in a separate post when I get a chance but I had a great day in the sun swimming at the quarry here in Chiang Mai.  It's a bit of an undiscovered part of the city with very few tourists even on week ends.  

Keep up the training!

Warm Regards,



  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2013

    Have you heard of the book, "Eat Right for your Type"? It's a diet book based on what blood type you have. It sort of recommends a Paleo diet, but fine tunes it to your blood type.

  2. AnonymousMay 14, 2013

    Hey Johnny,
    quick question. Have you ever been or heard of the Charn Chai gym in Pai, and if so, do you have any opinions on it?


    1. I've heard of Charn Chai, it's Bee's gym. I haven't trained there but have been to Pai, which is a peaceful hippy town north of Chiang Mai. Beautiful mountain surroundings, great air quality and weather is cooler.

      The only things I've heard about Charn Chai is that it is surprisingly busy for a small gym in a small town. Most likely because it's the only gym in Pai. A lot of short term tourists that drop by there as well. But overall I've heard positive things about it. It's worth checking out.

  3. If you stick to this paleo diet you will lose a ton of weight man. I guess it depends a little on how much potatos you are getting but the results will blow your mind a few months down the road.

    1. I've cut out sweet potatoes temporarily to lose more weight and burn more fat but will reintroduce them when I get to a happy weight and just want to maintain. It's been great.


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