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Become an Affiliate! Step by Step.

So what the heck is an affiliate and why would you want to become one?  Well if you finished reading "12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap" already, you'll already know.  But in case you missed it, signing up to be an affiliate is super easy, literally takes 2 minutes, and is a nice way to make passive income while you are traveling.  You basically just recommend my book through facebook, your blog, whatever, which is something you might have done anyways but by first signing up to be an affiliate you also get paid for it.

All good products are sold through word of mouth.  So if you don't want to sign up, I'd still appreciate it greatly if you put a link on your facebook status to my book or blog, and if you finished reading the book, Id love a short review.  I don't expect any of you to become rich off of recommending my book, but I want you guys to gain the experience of how truly easy it is, especially when it's a good product that you feel confident  recommending anyways. 

An example would be, I highly recommend everyone read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris.  
His book was one of the biggest factors that make me confident enough to leave everything behind and move to Thailand.  I believe in the book 100% and have recommended it to my sister and all of my friends without ever getting a penny for it.  However, since I used an affiliate link that I signed up for in this post, if you buy that book I automatically get 4% as commission.  It's seriously that easy.

Buy the book on 

The only downside to Amazon's affiliate program is they only pay you between 4%-7% of the sale.  When you go through the author directly, especially for things like eBooks and digital products, you can get a much bigger percentage.  Since you guys are my blog readers, and hopefully you've already bought the book, I'm happy to give you 50% of all sales.  If you haven't bought the book yet, you could technically sign up to become an affiliate, and use your own link to buy the book, thus, getting 50% of the sale.  Most authors won't allow you to do it, but as long as you promise to actually promote it as well through your website, facebook, on forums, or whatever, I'll turn a blind eye to all new purchases after today, at least for the time being.

Example of facebook status affiliate link: 

It's seriously, just as easy as posting a link to my website, but instead of using you use a special link that you'll get as an affiliate that'll keep track of who came to my site through you.  Your friends most likely won't even know it's an affiliate link, and even if they don't buy the book right away, it still keeps track so you'll get credit even if they buy it a month from now.

How to sign up to become an affiliate of 12 Weeks in Thailand:

Go to the bottom and you'll see the link: Like this product? Spread the word about it and earn 40.00% of the purchase price on sales you refer.Click here to join 12 Weeks in Thailand My Fight Camp's affiliate program »

Click that link.  (You can also just click it from here if you really want.)

2. Then you'll have to register for an account where you see: Login/Register to join affiliate programs created by 12 Weeks in Thailand My Fight Camp

3. Click on "Get Affiliate Code" as seen in the screen shot below.
Under "Select Merchant" it should say "12 Weeks in Thailand My Fight Camp"
Click Get Affiliate Code once again.

So the "Affiliate Hop Link" is just another word for your affiliate link.  The common one, as seen here will simply bring whoever clicks on it to the main page of this blog.  If you use the "Product Specific affiliate link" it'll give you a link that'll take whoever clicks it straight to my book.  So in the first case, it'll be like, "Check out this blog, it's really good."  In the second case you would use it if you were to say, "Check out this book, 12 Weeks in Thailand, it's really good."

The link they give you contains a bunch of html code that you don't really need unless you're putting it on your website.  For things like facebook or your blog you can just copy and page the actual website link, which is basically everything within the "parenthesis."  So mine would be:" target="ejejcsingle

Which you can turn into 12 Weeks in Thailand or Click here.  

That's it.  Basically, anytime someone buys the book, you'll get 40% of the entire sale, which I'll send you once a month through paypal.  There'll be no minimums or anything crazy, just helping you out for helping me out.  If you ever do want to live aboard in Thailand for 2 months or longer, learning some basic affiliate marketing like the example above will come in extremely handy.  You won't get rich off of it, but it's easy to do from anywhere in the world and as long as you are recommending products you've personally used and would recommend to your friends and family regardless if you were getting paid for it or not, it's a win win situation. The author of the product is happy as his product gets to reach a bigger audience, you're happy because you made some side cash, and your friend that bought the book is happy because he finds a great book and learns something useful.

Give it a shot, it'll literally take you 2 minutes to do.  Think of it as an experiment for your future trip to Thailand.  

If anyone has any questions about any of the above, feel free to leave a comment and ask away.  You can also get in touch with me at:

Last but not least, if you haven't at least read the free preview chapter, do it now:

Thank you to everyone who bought the book, wrote all those amazing reviews and are continuing to support My Fight camp.  I seriously couldn't do it without you guys.

Training update: My swollen ankle and bruises on my shin are almost healed up and I'm going to try to resume running and my regular Muay Thai training tomorrow.  I did a kettle bell workout and some pullups yesterday and took today, Sunday off and went to the new swimming pool with everyone from the gym.  It's about 10 minutes away by scooter and 80 baht to get into ($2.67US) but it's beautiful.  It's big enough to do laps in.  It's super clean and makes you forget that there's no beach in Chiang Mai.  

Here's a photo take today by Bibi.  

Warm Regards,

Johnny @ My Fight Camp

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