Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aspiring Pro Fighter Meme and Training update

This photo pretty much sums it up.  Eat, sleep, train, repeat.

Update:  Yesterday was get back in cardio shape day.  I went for a 12 mile round trip bike ride up to the base of Doi Suthep mountain here in Chiang Mai.  Locked up my bike at the Doi Suthep Non-Hunting Area office and went for a nice hike. Being a bit stupid and over confident, I started walking p the mountain and lost the trail, two hours later, with no food and my water running low, I finally made it to the top.  Luckily, on the way back down I somehow find a trail and got back in one piece.

The coolest thing was along the way, I saw my first deer and a couple other non captive animals.  It's a nature park so the animals are fed and cared for, but only to a certain extent.  There are no cages so the animals basically have the whole mountain to range, they just choose to come down to where easy food is fed.  Here's a picture of some random unknown animal I saw.

Today: I started running again today. Ran the block, which is 2.3 miles.  My goal was to put myself through a normal Muay Thai workout and see if I was ready to get back into it or not.  My cardio is up!  I was able to run the entire block nonstop without walking, which I normally do for at least a small part of.  +1 

Then I did a bit of shadow boxing and some pushups.  Three sets of 20 pushups followed by 20 situps.  Kicked the bag, and then felt the surge of illness through my body again.  What I love about Muay Thai is that it's a very explosive workout where you give it 110% every kick.  

Knowing that, and knowing how my body feels, I'm going to continue to train on my own pace this week before I jump back into class on Monday.  Hopefully by then, I'll be 100%.  It's been a bit hard to explain to the trainers why I'm not going to class.  But honestly, it's because I don't want to pay for another month's training and not be able to go to class everyday and give it 100%.  I basically wasted two weeks of membership being sick and I don't want to spend that money again until I know i'm ready for it.

Wish me luck, and warm regards,

Johnny @ My Fight Camp


  1. hope you heal soon, injury sucks at the best of times, but when your out there it must be super hard. keep your head up, your knee safe and watch the wildlife!

  2. Hey, I just came across your blog when doing a little research. I'm aiming to come out to Thailand in roughly 4 or 5 months to train for a month or so and I just got a few questions and It'd be cool if your able to answer a few of them :)

    1. My budget I was thinking of is around £1000 for a month, Is that a realistic budget? (For everything except flights.. Living pretty basically but with the odd night out and a few scuba dives?)

    2. I was looking at coming out for April and leaving in may, what would the training be like at that time of year? (I'm talking how hot/humid? Would it be unpleasant?)

    3. What would you say is the best gym to train at? For a total beginner and a budget of £1000?

    4. Lastly, what would you say is the essential equipment to bring with me?


    1. Hey Jamie, where in Thailand where you planning to come train at, or is that still open?

      1. Budget, I'm in the process of updating my spreadsheets with new prices for training in Chiang Mai for a month, but here is one I made while in Phuket. http://myfightcamp.blogspot.com/2011/06/actual-monthly-living-costs-training.html

      If you stay at one gym for the whole 30 days, £1000 which is $1,600 US will be plenty enough, even with a few days of scuba diving. Be careful though, I blew through $3,000US in 3 weeks the first time I came.

      2. April-May is SUPER hot in Chiang Mai and Bangkok like 35-36c hot. Phuket will be slightly cooler. But April 13-15th is Songkran, a nation wide water fight, it's amazing, trust me. And the best place by far to celebrate it is in Chiang Mai, it may be worth training up here just for that.

      3. The gym choice really depends on where in the country you want to train, phuket, bangkok or chiang mai. Read through some of my older posts on my blog and you'll see a comparison.

      4. Check out my "Packing for 6 months in thailand." Post and video, then cut everything down into what you need for 1 month.

      Look through my blog, answers to all of the questions you just asked are there in detail. I'm actually in the process of writing an eBook that answers everything you just asked along with all of the most common questions about training and Thailand. I think it'll be nice since it'll be all in one place and i'll be able to go into more detail about everything.

      Keep an eye out for it, I'm sure it'll be done before you come out here.

    2. I'm still completely open about where to train, the only places I've really looked at are around Phuket, So I still gotta have a good look at the rest of the country before I decide.

      But ideally I'd like a place that's fairly close to the beach, and a place which has a lot of stuff to do in the surrounding area. Cause although the main purpose for me coming to Thailand is to train, I would like to explore a little on my rest days.

      And if I'm honest, Phuket is looking the likely choice just because of the temperature. And Songkran sounds like a ton of fun, and depending on whether I'm able to go with a higher budget, I wouldn't be against starting in Chiang Mai at the start of my trip, and then heading down to Phuket after a week or two, or maybe even earlier depending on whether I can put up with the temperatures :P (I'd like to think I would!) But I guess these are all things I can figure out properly when I have a better idea of how much cash I'd be able to take. (Just starting a new job, waiting on finding out whether I do 20 hours or 30 hours. So the extra hours would help alot!)

      And I got time on my hands today, so I'm going to spend an hour or two reading through your blog so I can get a better idea of this :) And I'll be watching out for your ebook for sure.


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