Saturday, November 10, 2012

First day training at KC Muay Thai Review

KC Muay Thai has been fantastic so far but is very different from most MuayThai gyms I've been to.  All Muay Thai Gyms have their pros and cons.  First off, the gym itself is in a really good location.  It's 10 minutes away from the airport and out of the main town, so it's close enough to get everywhere including movie theaters and nice restaurants but far enough where you can focus on training.  The street it's on is quiet and the air quality is good, you can even see the mountains in the background.


Within a 15 minute walk/5 minute bike ride there is a Big C market, which is the equivalent to the American K-Mart or a Tesco Lotus where you can buy clothes, house hold items such as soap, kitchen stuff and they have a food court as well.  A funny thing happened. I locked myself out of my room for half of the day yesterday with no shoes and no shirt.  Chon, the Thai co-owner of KC was kind enough to lend me his sandals take me on his bike to the food court and insisted on buying me a cup of coffee and lunch.  He is a really generous and good person, especially for someone I had just met.  Still it was super awkward eating in a mall food court with no shirt, only in Thailand!

Facilities and Equipment:  

KC MuayThai is a small gym but well laid out and perfect for it's size.  There are padded mats, one full size ring, and two sections of a total of 7 bags, one uppercut station, mirrored walls, a pull up bar, giant tire for flipping and sledge hammers, and two kettle bells.  It has everything you need and nothing more.  They provide free ice water and there is a filtered water machine where you can refill your bottles at anytime for 1 baht (3 cents)  Also they have a kitchen which is awesome as Kevin's wife cooks authentic Thai food for about 40 baht ($1.30US) after each training session which is a great way to be social at the gym while enjoying some really good thai food after training.  They also have two showers on site where you can rinse on after practice and hang around.  There are three rooms at the gym where the Thai trainers live.

I would say the only thing missing from KC Muay Thai so far is more people living around the gym, my favorite thing about both Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket Top Team was living at the gym with all of the other students and hanging out with them in the off time.

Photo of KC Muay Thai from my bedroom window, notice the open lay out of the gym and the kitchen on the right.

Warm Up and Cardio:

The afternoon class began at 4pm, but the sun was extremely high so Chon instructs us to warm up by skipping rope and saving the run for afterwards.  The rope skipping session felt absolutely forever, definitely longer than I normally do it for which is 3 x 3 minute rounds.  In reality it was most likely 15 minutes straight, but it felt closer to half an hour.  Luckily, for the first time in my life I figured out how to be light on my feet and bounce around instead of jumping straight up and down with both feet.

We then warmed up by shadow boxing a few rounds.

Pad work, Bags, and Sparring:

There were 5 trainers, including K & C, Kevin and Chon and about 10 students, making a great student to teacher ratio.  I was also impressed that both of the owners actually teach at the class and actually seem passionate about it, which is awesome.  They rotate groups, I started with Padwork which I love doing first. Five rounds!  Yes!  Pad work is by far my favorite thing about Muay Thai and the reason why I train at gym and not on my own.  We did five good three minute rounds and had a good amount of rest time in between each which is appreciated.  It was probably a minute in between but it felt unrushed and enough to recover.

Also what's really cool is the Thai guys pour cups of ice water for you in between each round, which is a very hospitable gesture that I appreciate.  My favorite thing about the pad work was that my trainer changed things up and did some things that made sense but somehow I've never seen before.  Little things like instead of 10 left kicks, 10 right kicks to tire you out in the beginning he would do five on each side which makes more sense.  Then he'd have me do two left kicks, two right kicks, alternating which was nice.  We also worked on the standard knees, elbows, kicks, punches, front kicks (teeps) and checking kicks.

Another cool thing is that there are active thai fighers training in the same class as you, about 50/50 thai and foreign ratio but instead of the thai's in a separate class, they train right along side of you.  They were all around 19 years old and the young thai kids trained afterwards.

Some of the Thai Fighers and Trainers at KC Muay Thai

After five rounds of pads, I was assigned to three rounds of bag work.  At the last 30 seconds Chon actually runs around to make sure you are giving it your all for the last portion, he made sure give everyone individual attention.  Kevin was on the timer, and I appreciate that he actually stayed on track and kept a good flow.  One thing that used to really piss me off about other gyms I've trained at is that the head Thai trainer holding the stopwatch wouldn't even turn it on half the time and the rounds and rest time were inconsistent.  Huge plus for KC for doing this really simple but important thing correctly.

There was also light boxing sparring, which I'm really glad they do, since I think it's super important to spar at least 4 days a week.  But because it was my first class there and I had left my mouth guard locked in my room, Chon had me skip it today and instead warm down by shadow boxing, which was a good idea.  Everyone else went for a 4km run which I skipped, and we all finished with some pushups and situps.  Over all it was a great first class, and I'm looking forward to today's afternoon class and resting tomorrow.  I'm glad I'm taking it slow as I need to adjust to the jetlag, climate and getting back into Muay Thai.

I'll keep you guys posted, as always if you have any questions or just want to say what's up, leave a comment below.

Warm Regards,

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  1. Hi,What is the average price for accomodation around KC muay thai?FOr both per week and per month

    1. Around KC, you can get a fan room for around 3,500 baht per month and an AC room for 4,500 baht per month. If you are only staying a week, you might have to pay the nightly rate which is 250-350 per night. I breakdown all the costs of living and training in Chiang Mai in the book "12 Weeks in Thailand." as well as talk about how you can save money while here, so if you are on a budget, read the book, it'll help, I guarantee.

  2. Hi, I have read some of your posts and they are really informative! :) thanks for taking the time to write about your experiences! I am going to Thailand in November this year (2013) and am looking for a place outside of Bangkok - rural enough to focus on training, but wouldnt mind westerners dropping in as I do not know any Thai! Also am female - I had heard this may affect reception or ability to fight in some gyms? I was wondering if you know of ones that fit these kind of criteria. Also was wondering about just turning up and looking round, is this advisable?
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi, glad you are enjoying the blog. Definitely turn up and feel free to drop in the gyms to see what you like. A gym you might like that is a bit outside of Bangkok in a rural area is Sitmonchai. I go into some detail about the gym in the book, 12 Weeks in Thailand. It's advisable to have some type of plan before you turn up but it's good to be flexible and all gyms are okay with you just dropping in.

      From what I've seen, gyms are always looking for willing female fighters, so as long as they think you are physically and mentally ready, it shouldn't be a problem. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

    2. Hi, thank you for sharing your experience in this blog, its really good know someone cares. I am planning to visit Santai Muay Thai Gyms early October 2013 for a month or longer. I wonder if anyone interested in joining me, please send me an email to I am from Malaysia. Looking forward to hear from you guys, cheers.

  3. Thank you all for the input and info.


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