Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Things I wish I brought with me to Thailand for the Muay Thai, MMA Camp

When I first came out here, I had the idea in my head that I would dedicate every waking moment to training MMA and Muay Thai and nothing else.  I quickly realized that even if I did two sessions a day, there were still 21 hours left and even I can't sleep that long.

Imagine if you were on "The Ultimate Fighter" and trapped in a house in Las Vegas for 6 weeks with a but of dudes.  What would you have wished you brought along with you?

1. X-Box 360 or PS3 -
No one thinks of this, but everyone regrets not bringing out their gaming systems with them.  If the Ultimate Fighter Contestants had a PS3, I'd be there wouldn't be as much drama and door breaking as there was.  In between the morning and afternoon training sessions it's a great way to make friends by inviting them over for a game.  And instead of being tempted to go out drinking and partying at night because you are bored, you can do your body good and stay home on your 360.  Verdict, bring your 360, PS3, lots of two player games, or even just your PS2 if you have one.

Note: There are TV's in every room and the sockets take American plugs.  Just make sure you use a surge protector and double check that your power adapter is good for 110-240v as the power in Thailand is 220volts while it is 110v in America.  Most PS3's are multi voltage and work, while some 360's require a power converter.  Look at the power brick so you don't burn it out by accident.

Games to bring:  Think two player fighting games.  UFC: Undisputed, Street Fighter IV, Mortal Combat, Mushroom Wars, Fight Night.  Physical board games such as Risk have been fun as well.

2. A shit load of TV shows and Movies on an external hard drive - I'm talking about at least 1TB (terrabyte) of movies and TV shows, plus a couple USB memory sticks so you can plug it directly into your TV.  After a long session of morning training, you'll just want to lay down and zone out to a movie, trust me.  Some places have good enough internet to download, but don't take the chance and come stocked up.

3. Chocolates - I've never really craved chocolate when I was back home, but for some reason when I'm out here i'm a fiend for it.  The problem is, good chocolate is impossible to find in Thailand.  All the chocolates here are made with a special anti-melting agent that gives everything a waxy taste.  Plus they are crazy expensive here.  So trust me on this, bring a box or two of high quality chocolates from home and stick them in your mini fridge when you get here and you'll make tons of friends for it.  I also brought a 3lb bag of raw almonds from Costco as they are a lot more expensive here and hard to find.

4. Running Shoes - If you have size US11 (UK45) or larger feet, it's next to impossible to find shoes here in Thailand so bring your own.  If you want barefoot running shoes such as Vibram Five Fingers, you can forget about trying to find a pair in Thailand.

5. A Longer Visa and an Open Return Ticket - A 3 week trip to Thailand sounds like a hell of a long time, but once you get here, you quickly realize that it's no time at all.  Most guys end up training for a few weeks and wish they could extend their trip.  Most do.  They make a visa run down to Malaysia to get another 60 days or some even go as far as signing up for Thai School to get a 1 year educational visa.  

Other guys who have commitments back home or a fixed return plane ticket end up going home just to come straight back for a 3-6 month training camp. Knowing that 90% of people end up staying far longer than expected, plan for it.  Get yourself a multiple entry (2-3) Tourist Visa before you come, sub-let your apartment and plan to stay longer.  If you don't like it you can always go back early, but that seldom happens.  

Everything else you can buy here in Thailand for super cheap.  Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps, Muay Thai Shorts, Mouth Guards, and all that can be purchased at your training camp.  But bring that PS3!  

Warm Regards,

Johnny Jen, My Fight Camp


  1. Zak KinionJune 28, 2011

    hah, cute video game girl pic.

    Yeah I should be down there mid to late july to late aug. I'm on probation and they won't let me go longer than that. :(

    I added you on fb. I'll probably be at tiger for first week but I'll check out top team as well.


  2. Hey my man just got a few questions for you if you don't mind answering:

    What is the internet like at the camp? I'm planning to come for a year in August and I'll be using the internet alot to supplement my income while im there...I don't need a connection to download GB after GB of data but I do need one with an average speed that most importantly doesn't cut out all the time. I'll be planning to stay in one of the rooms that you shot in your preview video...but if the internet is terrible I'll probably try and find a room close by to the camp instead.

    What are the supplement prices like in Phuket? I'll be bringing a couple of tubs of protein and some animal paks/flex but I'm aware I won't be able to bring enough over for a year...are there supplement shops in Thailand that don't charge the earth?

    How do you find the people who are training at Phuket top team? I'll be leaving my friends for atleast a year so it'll be nice to actually meet people to hang out with while im there - I'll be bringing my xbox after your tips ;)

    Lastly how user friendly do you find training at Phuket top team? It looks an amazing camp with really great coaches and although I'd certainly like to have a fight while I'm out there I only have a couple of years training behind me (and 8 months of that was out injured) - does this camp cater for the more newcomer to the sport or is it literally more for the experienced fighter?
    cheers bro :)

  3. Hey Andy,

    Internet - At the camp the internet is EXCELLENT. Very little downtime. Speedtest says 9.79mbps down .82 up if that helps. But it's fast enough to stream youtube videos without buffering and stable enough to upload videos.

    Supplements. 2.2kilos/5lbs of Protein is $83US or 2,500 baht - So try to bring two or three tubs with you if you can. The best for travel is to bring the ones from Costco in the 10lb bag.

    Also bring Costco's 500 count Multi-Vitaman and Fish oil if you take those. I'd also bring a 500count bottle of Ibprofen, trust me you'll need it. All supplements are expensive in Thailand, no matter where you go.

    The people at PTT are cool. Will "The Kill" Chope is here until the end of the year and I might be back again in Oct. You'll make new friends, especially with your Xbox. =)

    As far as training you'll be fine, no worries as there are plenty of beginners with much less experience than you. You can definetely fight Muay Thai after about 3 months of training.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. See you out here.

  4. Hey dude,

    You didn't look hard enough for the chocolate. You can get it at Central Festival and Villa Marked.

    Good luck with your training :)

  5. hey dude,
    what are the busiest months lol so that i can avoid them when i do come?!

    1. Christmas time is very busy and then January would be second.

  6. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    I'll be in Bangkok for 4 months from around half way through July, a year of kickboxing behind me and some patchy judo, bjj, boxing. Your blog has been a great help. I'll be there volunteering at the MKITL university and will want to train part time for cheap, any advice with regard to this and training in Bangkok. I want to start with beginner training. Not too serious.. Thanks a ton bro.


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