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7 Muay Thai Gym & Beach Resort - Guest Review

Hey guys, I'm happy to share a guest review of the new 7 Muay Thai Gym in Rayong, which is only a two and a half hour drive outside of Bangkok. It's near Pattaya which is a bit of a wild area, but since it's in the next city over,  you should be able to have both the convenience of being near Bangkok without the craziness of neighboring Pattaya.

This review is from Gery Bavetta a Muay Thai fighter from Italy:

My name is Gery Bavetta, and I am a Muay Thai professional fighter and this year for the first time I have been at the new camp ‘7 Muay Thai’ just a few month after they opened.
My two month at the camp were very positive, because I felt at home and also because everything is organized seriously.


Even if the area is very quiet, a few steps from the camp there is a small supermarket open 24h, other than that after 9 PM the area doesn’t offer much, this is a flaw for who loves night life, but for me that I love Muay Thai, is an advantage. Being only 1 hour taxi ride from Pattaya, it can be decided to go there for some leisure.

Food and Services:
The camp has in program to offer Italian food and a massage service (already available on request) and I heard about a Yoga center and other things that I don’t know if they will do but I think they should.
The gym has a few strong professional Thai fighters but they should be more present and train every day to help fighters like me grow in level.
Near the gym there is a very good and cheap Thai restaurant which offers the camp’s guests a very convenient package.
At walking distance there’s a most often deserted beach, but since I had to train hard, I rarely went to the beach because after 2-3 hours of training even a 10 minute walk is scary.

Video of 7 Muay Thai Gym:

The camp has just opened and a part of it is still being built, but it is working under all aspects and day by day I saw small changes, this is positive because it means they are always trying to improve.
Other Gyms:

I think this kind of camp is a benchmark for Farangs, because unlike other gyms I have trained at (Sitsongpeenong, Luk Barn Yai,ecc) at 7 Muay Thai, other than training, Muay Thai theory and ring strategy is discussed, as well as scoring system and many other small things about fighting in Thailand that normally Thais don’t waste time saying as they are only interested in the Farang’s money.
I’m sure this gym will improve its flaws because I know there are serious people inside who work day and night and put their souls in it. Also, being the camp associated to the Muay Farang agency, who trains at 7 Muay Thai and wants to fight, has always the best fighting chances, so I think 1 or 2 years from now it will be a reference and important camp.

You can check out the gym at:

Gery Bavetta's Pro Muay Thai Fight
From Johnny:

I haven't personally been to 7 Muay Thai Gym as I'm based in Chiang Mai now and haven't been training much since last year, but it sounds like a great new gym to check out especially if you want to be near Bangkok/Pattaya but still far enough out of the cities to focus on your training.

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