Monday, October 14, 2013

Check out my new Apartment for ideas on where to live while training in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I just arrived a few days ago and am getting ready for my first training session today at Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai.  Normally I try to live as cheaply as possible and live as close to possible to the gym.  But this trip, I've decided to mix it up a bit.

First off I'm going to be training both BJJ and Muay Thai.  I'm also not specifically training for any fights, but instead, just training to get in shape and out of passion.  I really missed training full time and love both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  I've also decided to live closer to the city and to the trendy Nimmanheim area which is the Chiang Mai equivalent to the east village in New York.  I've been focusing these past six months in building my online business so I wanted to be close to my co-working office space, PunSpace.  Luckily, business has been doing well and I'm able to afford to step up my living game and stay somewhere a bit nicer this time around.

Here is a video tour of my new apartment, which is actually just a hotel that I booked for a month:

If you're looking for a cheaper place to stay around Team Quest, I would contact them and see if they can book a room for you.  There are a bunch of places within walking distance of the gym.  The great thing about Team Quest's location is that they are directly across the street from Airport Plaza which is the main shopping mall of Chiang Mai, complete with an awesome food court.

You are also only a 5 minute scooter ride away from the old city.  Basic Thai style rooms can be found for $150US per month and you can live in nicer, "Serviced Apartments" for much less than you would be able to back home.

Stay tuned for some training updates. It's great to be back in Chiang Mai and in Thailand.  The weather is perfect, the food is amazingly good, cheap and life is fantastic.  

See you soon,

Johnny FD

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