Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cliff Jump - Sundays at Red Mud Quarry in Chiang Mai

What random, fun and free things are there to do on your rest days when you're not training Muay Thai?  Make a trip out to the Red Mud Quarry in Chiang Mai.  The only thing Chiang Mai is missing compared to Phuket and the Islands is water...but being here makes you forget all that.

This video was filmed a few months ago, but I've been so busy I haven't had time to put it up.  The awesome thing about seeing it now is seeing how much weight I've lost since I started eating Bulletproof/Paleo and doing CrossFit!

How to get to the Red Mud Quarry in Chiang Mai:

The Hang Dong rock quarry is about a 40 minute bike / songthaew ride  from the city center in Chiang Mai, heading  south along the canal road highway (Hwy 121) from Huay Kaew road and keep driving until you are about 10 minutes past Hang Dong. Keep your eye out for the green HANG DONG GOLF COURSE sign and turn right on the small bridge directly after the PT gas station on your left hand side. Immediately afterwards  the PT Gas Station you need to make a right across a small bridge.  Follow the road until it forks, and be sure to take the left fork.  There is a very nice view at the restaurant on the cliff you can enjoy lunch at, or you can head straight to the quarry on the left.  Allow for at least five hours including the drive and full enjoyment of the day.  Bring water, sunblock and your camera.

I hope these directions to the quarry in chiang mai are good enough, but it's quite easy to find after you find the small PT Gas Station on highway 121 towards Hang Dong.

Have fun!

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