Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weights, Songkran 2013, Spin the Bottle and back to CrossFit

After a few months of not drinking, and good discipline working out, I like to destroy my body and my liver with a three day binge.  I was smart enough to book a hostel in the middle of town so I wouldn't have to ride my motorbike around during the craziness.  You'll see in the video why.  Plus we'd end up drinking full bottles of Thai Whiskey at night which made it quite impossible and stupid to drive home anyway.

On Friday I had a great workout, we did something called CrossFit Totals which is basically your 1 rep max for Deadlifts, Squats and either Bench Press or Shoulder Presses.  They do it once every six months so you can have an idea of your progress.  But since it was my first time doing it, I decided instead to get a good workout in but slowly ramping up to my 5 rep max instead. I'm still working on my flexibility for my squats and dead lifts so I took it easy.  But for my bench press I maxed out at 100kg (222lbs) for a set of five.  I was quite happy with that and decided to rest on Saturday so I could start the Songkran water festival full of energy.  Here's a video of the typical craziness that happened in Chiang Mai.

So the days consisted of water fights, 94f/34c hot weather, and a ton of drinking and partying at night. And we did that for three days and three nights straight.  On the second night, a group of ten American girls thought it would a good idea to play spin the bottle, and they were right.  I never really got to play it as a kid so it was kind of a big deal and it was a hell of a lot of fun.  Girls were kissing girls, and I lost track, especially with all the whiskey flowing but I'm pretty sure I kissed at least 7 or 8 of them, and it was all open mouth, none of those 7th grade pecks.

Songkran, another reason to come to Thailand.  A friend from New Orleans said that it was on par with the best Mardi Gras he's been to.  There wasn't any tit flashing, but it was a hell of a lot cheaper.  I paid about $10 a night for my hotel room right in the center of the action, and drinks were between $3-$5.

Just a tip, if you do come to Songkran, make sure you book your trip for a few days before it actually starts.  I saw somewhere that Songkran was officially April 16th - 17th but in reality it started on the 12th and died down by the 15th.  Maybe it was because the 12th was a Friday and was a holiday but who knows.  If you're going to plan it for next year, I would say go from the 12th or 13th at the latest and say for three nights, as that's really about all your body can handle.

Oh yeah almost forgot.  After taking a day just to lay around, refeed and do absolutely nothing which included watching both Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 on the same day, I finally got my act together and went to CrossFit again this morning.  

It was sunny and blazing hot, and I was still a bit dehydrated from all the drinking, but I managed to get through it.  We did a timed five round cycle including:

500 meter run
10 Russian Twist Situps with 16kg plates
10 Explosive Pushups

Repeated 5x.  It took me 22 minutes and 35 seconds which wasn't the worst time but definitely not the best. But it felt great to get back into the gym.  

See you guys,

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  1. Cross-fit seems like an excellent way to get into shape for muay thai or any combative sport.

    Do you do both a day or just one of another?

    1. My original plan was to do both, CrossFit 3 days a week and Muay Thai the others. But I've decided just to do CrossFit for a few months and then get back into Muay Thai full time to save some money.


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