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Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai Location and New Map

How to get to Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai, directions, location. 

The easiest way if you are already in Chiang Mai and rented a motorbike is to start at the northern middle part of the old city, which is shaped like a square and surrounded by a moat.  From the city center of Chiang Mai, drive around the moat until you get to the most northern point and go up the Chang Phueak Gate road past Chang Phueak Hospital.  It's basically the big road in the middle of the road right past where all the vendors set up at night to sell food out of carts.  You'll drive 2 km and have to go over a bridge that crosses the freeway.

Follow that road until it turns into the 107N Highway which goes towards Mae Sa, Mae Rim, and Fang. You can also take the road towards Tiger Kingdom and then turn onto 107. Keep driving until you see the town of Mae Rim, it'll be quite a busy little city. Tiger Muay Thai is on your left hand side less than 10 minutes after you pass the town of Mae Rim. Look for the orange building.  When I went there were no signs up yet and I drove right past it.  But with this photo it'll be a lot easier since you'll know what to look for as it's taken from the main road.

How to get to Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai from the airport: Map

It'll be a bit hard to explain for the first year while taxi driver's get used to where the new TMT is but basically go out the airport terminal and either take a metered taxi or the private taxi which you book inside the building near the exit.  You'll ask for "Mae Rim" and show them the following map that I made, (print it out and show the driver. I'm not sure what they'll charge you but the good thing is taxi prices in Chiang Mai are very fair and they won't try to trip you off.  A Taxi from the airport to anywhere in town is 120 baht ($4US) but TMT Chiang Mai is 40 minutes north of the city, so expect to pay around 500 baht or so ($16.70US)  But that's just a guess.  If anyone makes the journey by taxi from Chiang Mai Airport to Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai, let us know in the comment section what you actually paid.

Here is a google map with coordinates of where the gym is.

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