Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Best Supplements and Gear for Muay Thai and MMA - My Wish List

I'm really proud to announce My Fight Camp's first official sponsor Onnit Labs.  The reason why I chose Onnit and never allowed any other sponsors or advertising on my site is because I genuinely believe in everything they sell and would recommend it to my friends and my family. You could literally just go to their site and browse though everything they sell and think to yourself:

"That's cool, I've never seen that before, I want that, that would be perfect, add that to my wish list, I'm buying this."

Even if you don't buy anything from Onnit, do yourself a favor and browse though just for ideas of cool shit that you might want anyways.   It's every guy's ultimate wish list, so if you're looking for a birthday or Christmas gift to give the ultimate guy, especially if he trains Muay Thai and MMA, check out my list below for ideas.

Here is a list of my favorite things, My Wish List:

Sick ass Alpha Primate t-shirt - I want one of these!
Primal Kettle Bells - The most bad ass Kettle bells on the planet.
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - Best tasting salt in the world., and so good for you too
and is better than gatorade for  rehydradtion and fixes adrenal depletion.

Blendtec Blender - It'll blend anything.  - Perfect for making your Kale shakes.
Bulletproof Coffee - The best coffee in the world, mold free. and wont' cause jitters or crash.

Raw Killer Bee Honey - Raw Honey made from Killer bees, it has to be good for you.
MCT Oil - Like Coconut Oil but better. - The cure for Alzheimer's disease.
Alpha Brain - The Pill from the movie "Limitless"

I first heard about Onnit Labs when I watched the movie "Limitless" and thought:

"Wow fucking cool, I wonder if there's really a pill like that."  

I did some searching around and turns out that Alpha Brain is the real life version of it.  However, it comes with a price.  First, it's not cheap, and second, it comes with it's consequences.  My cousin started taking it for his track days when he would race motorcycles.  He said it increased his focus, almost slowing everything down to a point where he could see what was coming next.  His track times increased and he started beating people in 1,000CC bikes whien he was on a 600RR.  

He kept pushing his limits until one day, he crashed.  Luckily, he recovered from the injuries and is okay, but he stopped taking Alpha Brain.  It worked, but a little bit too well.  I suggest that if you take it, be careful.  

I tried it as well after hearing about it on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.  I hear his raving about it and saying how good it was so I gave it a shot and it worked.  Just a fair warning, don't mix it with any other stimulants or drugs.  

I first heard about Bullet Proof Coffee through Dave Asprey, who is the founder of the Bullet Proof Paleo diet.  It's good stuff.  I would drink it first thing in the morning before a 12 mile bike ride then Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have energy for hours without eating.  It's a great way to stay in fasted ketosis and lose weight while still having energy to train.

I also recommend the rest of the supplements they have for sale especially the Fish Oil for balancing your Omega 3's and 6's, T+ which is a natural and legal Testosterone Booster, ShroomTech Sport which combats fatigue, NewMood which is 5-HTP and Serotonin for those days you are a bit depressed, StronBone for your joints and bones, and literally everything else they have listed on there from Vitamin C to Spirulina. 

I won't be promoting Onnit Labs or their products too much on my site as I like to keep it 99% free information without advertising.  But I honestly and genuinely believe in everything that Onnit sells, so do yourself a favor and check them out.

As far as actual Muay Thai Gear is concerned, my favorite brand is Fairtex for everything they make.  Unfortunately Onnit doesn't carry muay thai stuff yet.

Warm Regards


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  1. I love this store, I come here to buy a lot of specialty foods that I don't find anywhere else. The staff is always friendly and always chats it up with me, knows my name, and recognizes me as a repeat customer. Excellent! They specialize in organic produce and foods and supplements. Regina


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