Friday, March 15, 2013

Fighting again next week! March 19th. Foot healed.

So good news is my foot is no longer broken.  It wasn't that bad to begin with, just some fractures in the small foot bones, but good news is i'm 100% healthy and injury free.  I'm going to Koh Phangan from March 23rd - 28th for the Full Moon Party so I wanted to get another fight out of the way before I start drinking again.  In past five months since October 2012 I haven't drank any alcohol aside from immediately after my last fight.  It's been great for my budget, my cardio and my health.

It's official, I'm fighting again on Tuesday, March 19th at Thaepae Gate Stadium in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  It'll be my sixth Muay Thai fight and supposedly I'm fighting a big Thai guy that just got out of the army and only has around five fights.  He was the guy promised to me last time but the switched opponents on me last minute like they often do it Thailand.  Knowing that, I don't think too much about who I'm going to fight.  The only thing I can do is be as prepared physically and mentally as possible and just try to beat whoever they put in front of me.

My last fight was exactly two months ago on January 21st and honestly, it was really hard.  I don't know how many people reading this will truly understand unless you've been in a fight recently but it's both physically and mentally painful and exhausting.  Before this last bout I hadn't fought in 18 months and totally forgot how difficult it really is.  After the fight I had a lot of doubts, listened to a lot of criticism and finally realized that only the opinion of those I love and care for actually matter.  Everyone else, especially guys who have never stepped in the ring themselves, really shouldn't be giving anyone criticism.   I know I'm not perfect, I know my flaws and what I need to improve on.  It's the hard thing about having a public website and blog.

I love being able to share my experiences, both positive and negative with other people wanting to come to Thailand and train, and I get tons of positive comments telling me that if it wasn't for my blog and book  they wouldn't feel as confident to move to Thailand for their own fight camp.  But along with the positive people there are also the trolls and harpies that are miserable in their own lives and feel the need to drag other people down as well.  The reason why I try to stay away from online forums is because people can post anonymously and most people on there aren't training or fighting, they're just sitting behind their computer all day in their miserable lives trying to pull others down with them.

My life is public, and I'm far from being a perfect person.  But overall, I know I have a good heart, am loyal to my friends and I've done what I can to inspire others to follow their passions and their dreams.  If you're in Chiang Mai, feel free to come down and watch my next bout on Tuesday, it'll be great to have the support.

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