Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Beauty of Power: Women and Muay Thai

I just finished watching a short film shot at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket about Women coming to train Muay Thai, CrossFit and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Every gym I've trained at has had at least a few girls at any given time and since TMT has the most people in general, they also have the biggest groups of women training.  Maybe it's because they also offer non-fighting related fitness classes such as Yoga and BodyFit, but either way, I'd say all gyms I've been to in Thailand have been female friendly, so where ever you chose you'll be fine.

However, no matter if you are male or female, it's important to balance your masculine and feminine energy.  When you start doing Muay Thai or lifting heavy weights such as the olympic bars in CrossFit, it's easy to become unbalanced.  For Men, when we train hard and especially if we are fighting, it's important for us to take days to relax by the beach or hot springs, get a massage, go for a swim and do other things that re-balance ourselves.

As for bulking up and adding muscle, even though I'm naturally a big guy and it would be easier for me to lift heavy weights and bulk up, I've realized that it looks a bit ridiculous and not very attractive to walk around with that much beef.  Plus for actual life usability, muay thai, jiu-jitsu and sports, being too bulky isn't an asset. So from now on, I'm sticking with mostly body weight exercises and staying away from the heavy weights.  Burpees and pullups are now my two best friends.

Hope you enjoyed the video, and to everyone who is thinking about coming to Thailand to get in shape, lose weight, get their fitness up or to learn the art of Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu, it's seriously the best place to stay focused and do it.  When working out becomes your full time job, you never have the excuse that you're too tired to go to the gym.  So instead of "Get skinny for the summer."  Start thinking, "Get fit and stay fit for the rest of your life."

Warm Regards,

Johnny @ My Fight Camp


  1. This is unrelated but i'v been struggling for anything ideal online. Do you have any tips on travel insurance over there specifically if im going away for a few years?

    1. I say i'm struggling due to none covering muay thai fights. Perhaps it's not worth worrying about. Any advice?

    2. Bro nothing will cover your Muay Thai fights in Thailand. The best thing you can do is have some type of travel insurance that protects you for emergencies, mine is covered by my scuba diving insurance which has travel built in. But I don't know how many months or years at a time it's good for.

      The good news about Thailand is even without insurance, health care is very affordable here. Look for the best travel insurance you can and don't tell them you got hurt in a muay thai fight. And if you really want to keep yourself safe, put aside some money every month into an emergency fund so you'll have savings incase something does happen.

      Dopn't worry about it too much.

  2. Hey dude. You sound cool, your blog i awsome. I really want to go to Thailand and mainly train thai Boxning but i would also like to grapple while there. I fell that it is very difficult to decide Where to train. What would You personally recommend? PS What is your oppinion on training in big gyms like tmt ?

    1. Hey David, for MMA gyms you really only have a few choices, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket Top Team and Team Quest plus a few in Bangkok. I'd recommend reading through some of my old articles where I talk about staying at Tiger or Phuket Top Team for 3 months and seeing what you like, I go into even more detail in the book.


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