Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Soft Opening of Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai w/ Roger Huerta

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the soft opening party of the new Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai last weekend and have some photos and updates for ya'll.  First the shell of the new MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu area has been built making the entire camp look more complete.

TMT Chiang Mai taken 02/23/13
The Muay Thai area is 100% complete but it looks like the MMA area and the accommodation will be at least another month or two before it'll be done.  Good news is while getting foot massages with Will Elliot the managing director of Tiger Muay Thai I mentioned how cool it would be to have a swimming pool there and he agreed and is going to try to get one built.  Woohoo.  Some people talk business over a round of golf, here in Thailand we do it over foot massages.

The opening itself was awesome, tons of free food, drinks (I held off as I'm trying to get back into fight shape) and sparring sessions.  They also had Roger Huerta, legendary six fight winning streak UFC Fighter hit a round of pads, I'll post a video of it up another day when I have a chance.

Overall it was a great night and the drive from the city to Tiger Muay Thai, Chiang Mai wasn't quite as far as I remember it being since now I know exactly where it is.  It's still a 35 minute drive into town center but it's doable.  Who knows, maybe when it's all complete it'll check it out for a few months next year. But in the mean time, it's good to see the constructing coming along nicely.

P.S on a side note, had a great session of Muay Thai yesterday.  Ran the block as usual with decent cardio this time.  My nose is clearing up from getting a bit sick from traveling in China. Did 5 rounds of Boxing sparring and caught a few shots to my face, but overall really enjoyed it.  Please don't be a douche and use 12oz gloves for sparring.  Use 16oz gloves as a standard.  Did 3 rounds of mitts with just boxing and learned a few good combos.  I'm a bit sore today but I think i'm going to work on my cardio by going on a uphill hike and listen to the new Joe Rogan Podcast featuring Dana White.

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  1. Facilities look amazing, but I dunno if I'd want to go there if it takes a long time to get into town compared to the other camps. They better have stuff up there to keep people busy if they aren't training.


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