Monday, January 21, 2013

More Female Readers than Male, WTF?

So ever since my book "12 Weeks in Thailand" went on sale, I've noticed something really strange happening.  Most people would assume there are far more guys wanting to train Muay Thai and MMA in Thailand than women.  Just looking at the attendance of the gyms would verify that as there are always a minimum of 10 guys for every girl that trains in Thailand.  But for whatever reason the majority of the people who purchased my book have been women, and I'm really curious why that is!

I mean, I wrote the book as non-biased as possible, I even have a tiny chapter about dating guys from the gym and Thai men in the book for female readers, but really I had no idea that many girls would be interested in it.  I actually feel a bit embarrassed now because I talk very candidly about the relationships I've had while living and training in Thailand.  I admit to all the mistakes I've made dating and hooking up while here.

So i'm curious, how many female readers do I have and what is it about my blog, and my book that interests ya'll so much?

I know from a guy's point of view most guys want an escape from their lives back at home.  They want to get away from their jobs, family, dating, and pursue their passion for the sport.  But secretly, a lot of men just want to get in shape and others want to prove themselves as a warrior, as a fighter and see what they're made of.  Men want to feel like men, and in modern society where guys are wearing skinny jeans, spending $60 on hair cuts, and talking about Hollywood gossip, a lot of men want to get back to the root of it and train to be a fighter.

Anyway, I'm gonna go back to resting up as I fight tonight.  My pre-fight ritual is to lay around and try not to think about it too much. I figure that all the training I've done over the last 10 weeks has prepared me the best it could and now there's nothing left to do than step into the ring and fight my heart out. People kept asking me today whether or not I'm nervous.  The truth is, once I get to the stadium I'm going to freak out.  But I know if I start doing it now, I'm going to waste energy dumping all of my adrenaline. So every time I feel the butterflies come on, I just tell myself to relax and not think about it.

Luckily I slept like a baby last night, no problems at all.  I'm healthy, as close to 100% as I'm ever gonna be before a fight, and have no injuries.  Yi Wei, one of the students training here took me and Mirkko out to dinner last night as a good luck to me and a good bye to Mirkko who is going home to Estonia tomorrow.  It was my first time having real beef while here in Thailand, a Steak imported from Australia or New Zealand most likely. It's funny that in the America going to Sizzler is a bit of a joke, but here it's a gourmet meal out.  Thanks again Yi Wei for treating us, that was really kind and generous of you.

As for today, I started the morning with my usual green tea, followed by a glass of coconut milk.  For lunch I had Thai food, Chicken with Mixed Vegetables and a fried egg and it got me as full as you can expect for 35 baht ($1.16US) a few hours later I went to Marko Cash and Carry and bought 1/2 a roast chicken and a package of freeze dried mashed potatoes.   Combining it with a bit of Anchor grass fed butter from New Zealand and hot water, I had myself a really filling 2pm lunch which should give me enough energy for tonight.

The fights start at 9pm but as a foreigner, especially as a heavyweight by Thai standards, I'll most likely be the main event and might not fight until 11pm, so I'll make sure to eat something around 6pm as well.  Not sure what yet, but i'll keep it simple and relatively safe.  Now for my 2nd prefight ritual, watch random fights on youtube and relax.  Wish me luck.  And thanks again to everyone who has purchased my book, it really means a lot to me.  If you haven't already, you can download the 1st chapter for free here:

Warm Regards,

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  1. I haven't read your book yet but I think I will. I like your blog because it's well written and clear and you seem helpful, friendly, approachable... Honestly and bluntly I would guess girls probably like your writing because you don't come off as a stereotypical meathead... ;)


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