Friday, January 25, 2013

The Feeling After the Fight. 4 Days after the Madness Subsides.

You would think that after winning a fight, especially with a knockout you would feel on top of the world, excited, and unstoppable.  But really, you just feel relieved. BJ Penn, a famous UFC Fighter said the same thing in his book, "Why I Fight: The Belt is Just an Accessory."   But what he doesn't talk about, is how you feel when you go home.

That night, I couldn't sleep.  I was exhausted, but nothing could get my mind to relax.  I later realized that I had too much masculine energy and needed balance.  I needed someone to add feminine energy back into my life.  Luckily, the next day, my friend Erica from Canada was scheduled to come visit me for a few days.  It's funny how many pro fighters, especially famous ones have normal families, a loving wife and kids.  I used to think that if I was ever a famous UFC Star I would want to go out and hook up with random hot girls after every fight.  I kind of did do that after my first fight though. Even though I had lost that fight to decision, just being in the ring was enough to get a beautiful, tall, blonde Dutch girl to go home with me, or maybe she just felt bad for me, either way, we had sex.

We went for a walk on the beach and had sex on a chaise lounge by the ocean.  I felt a bit bad as I had just started dating a girl at that point, but was a bit upset that she had left and didn't think to stay with me that night.  Maybe she had no idea how lonely you feel after the crowds dissipate or how vulnerable you feel after leaving everything you had in the ring.  I needed her that night and she wasn't there, so I found it somewhere else, with someone else.

After the fight here in Chiang Mai, a few nights ago, I hung out at a local bar/nightclub called Zoe in Yellow.  It was fun, and it was nice having random people come up to congratulate me and buy me drinks, and it was in good company to be with a group of attractive, fun girls.  But what I had realized that night is how truly alone we are in the ring.   Even though you have corner men, your trainers that care about you, and you have friends in the audience to cheer you on, in reality, you're the only one taking the risks of being seriously injured, and you're the only one that knows how physically exhausting and painful it really is.

At Zoe in Yellow after the fight

Another Fan from the Fight

During the weeks of training coming up to the fight, it's all masculine energy.  Even the girls at the gym are bringing masculine energy to the mix and during the fight itself, it peaks, tipping the scale and throwing your body out of wack.  It's impossible to sleep afterwards, and you feel like something is off.  Sure my ankle is swollen to the side of a tennis ball, and my shins are black and blue from checking the baseball bat the Thai fighter walks around on, my ribs are bruised, I have a black eye, and every part of my body is either sore or in pain.  But none of that was the reason why I felt off.  If it wasn't for the women in our lives to bring feminine energy back into our lives, we would be a wreck.  We need them. Erica and I spent the next day going to the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs here in Chiang Mai, it was amazing and perfect for my sore muscles.  I went into the hottest point that I could handle and sat in the pool, neck deep.  I needed it, and it's the perfect post-fight ritual or even Sunday ritual after a long week of training.  

How to get to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in Chiang Mai:
From the city of Chiang Mai, take the 1006 East and follow the signs towards the town of San Kamphaeng. Follow the signs and connect onto highway 1317 North/East and you'll start seeing signs for Hot Springs.  It's around 34km from the city and takes less than 45 minutes to get there.  Entrance is 40 baht and you can rent a towel for 10 baht. You can also buy both chicken and quail eggs in a bamboo basket for 20 baht that you can cook in the hot springs.  You can stick your feet and/or submerse yourself into the water at different points, the closer you are to the main springs the hotter the water is, and it cools down as you get further.

Four Days after the Fight:

I dropped off Erica at the airport and I'm back to my normal life post-fight.  As nice as it was having her here, i'm glad that I'm not in a relationship and I don't have a girlfriend here in Thailand.  I actually enjoy having nothing to focus on besides Muay Thai, my blog, the book.  For once in my life dating, sex,and women are not my priority and it makes me feel extremely free.  I'm not going to be able to run for at least a few more days as my ankle is still a bit fucked, but I went for a hike today up to a waterfall in the Doi Suthep non-hunting area and did a shoulder workout with some light weights at the gym.  I'm planning on doing a kettle bell workout tomorrow, some pullups, and pushups, taking Sunday off and seeing if I'm recovered enough to start training again on Monday.  

The promoter actually came by yesterday and asked if I wanted to fight this Saturday, which is tomorrow.  He said he would set me up with a less experienced opponent this time and it would be an easier fight.  I wish he had done that for the last one and saved this guy for my second fight. I don't know why I even considered it for as many minutes as I did, but I was smart enough to tell him to schedule it for 3 weeks out instead.  My next fight date has now been set and will be on February 16th.  It's crazy to think that just a few days ago, during the second round of my fight, I was seriously considering never stepping into the ring again and here I am signing away my life again to the fate of the ring and the God's of Muay Thai.  Wish me luck.  

Thanks again to everyone who has left positive comments here on my blog and on my facebook page.  It really means a lot to read words of encouragement from good people.  Also, I'm really happy to start seeing emails and comments from people who have read the book and have had really positive things to say about it!  From the simple, "Loving the book!" all the way to:

"It gave me hope that maybe I could fulfill my dreams, or at least find out who I really am, if I give myself a chance to do so. You made me certain about taking the first step, and for that, I can't thank you enough."  -Mikael from Norway

I'm so happy that my book has even helped one person take a step towards their passions and happiness, whatever that may be.  If you haven't read the book yet, please at  least download the free preview chapter and see it for yourself. Download the first chapter free at:

Warm Regards,

Johnny @ MyFightCamp


  1. Congrats on the win Johnny i actually did my first Muay Thai class today as opposed to a private which was a big wake up call because i can handle my self in most bjj gyms around but MT is totally different (i would easily get killed in a straight MT fight). I think i need to work for a couple of years and save up enough to buy a house and then move to Thailand wit the cash. Chok Dee for you next fight you have become and inspiration for me. Thank you
    PS your book rocks

  2. This is a great blog. I randomly found it while searching various things on Thailand. Flying out from the states next month for a while. Years ago I practiced some Muay Thai and boxing and this blog has started the itch to train a little while im out there. Good stuff and good luck.


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