Sunday, December 9, 2012

One Month Update: at KC Muay Thai in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I arrived in Thailand exactly one month ago and started training at KC Muay Thai in Chiang Mai.  

Here's the update:

Week 1: Booked a room directly opposite the gym, love it.
Started training, cardio and running needs massive improvement.  
Eat, sleep, train, watch TV, eat, sleep, train.  

Week 2: Bought a bicycle at Big C, 2,950 baht ($98US)
Discovered the Airport Plaza Mall and Food Courts, Yum. 
Cardio stated improving, happy to be in Thailand.
Gets ear drum ruptured in sparring.  

Week 3: Drastic improvements in cardio, yay.
Great week training.  
Cousin came to visit, spent more money than I should have.
Slept in an air conditioned room for three nights, maybe not the best idea.
Injured my knee sparring with cousin, really really deep bruise.
Can't run or put pressure on knee for a few days, can't train. 

Week 4: Really really sick, caught the Flu
Body aches, Fatigue, Unable to Train
Starts to feel better, but nope, gets worse.
Develops a sore throat, feels like crap.
Pulls hair out, frustrated.

I'm not sure why I got sick, I normally never do, and this is my first time in my life having the flu.  I think it was a combination of things that lowered my immune system allowing the flu virus to hit me so hard.  I trained for 2.5 weeks and the rest of the time I've been sitting on my ass in my room sick or injured.  Sucks!  I went for a long bike ride today, and I'm starting to feel better, so tomorrow I'm going to start running again and doing light things like pushups.  If it goes well, I'm going to start training Muay Thai again the next day.

I'm glad to have my health back and realize now even more than ever how important it is.  When it comes down to it, even though I was a bit bored all last week. I'm rather be sick in Thailand than at home.  The weather is warmer here, food is cheap so I can just go for a nice 15 walk and eat out. And I have access to cheap pharmacies and if needed hospitals, that won't break my bank even without health insurance.

Bought a new bike seat today: the one that came with the bike was too hard and make my balls go numb after a long ride, which can't possibly be good for me.  Bought a gel cushioned seat, and found out I could adjust it so the nose angles down putting more pressure on my sit bones than my testicles.  The relief! So much better.  


Discovered the Rotisserie Chicken shop at Merko Cash and Carry.  62 baht ($2.06US) for half a large rotisserie chicken.  I think I found my new daily lunch item.  Who says you can't get enough protein in Thailand!

Went to a hot pot buffet for dinner with Mirko:  Next door to Merko cash and carry, (no relation) for 120 baht ($4US) we had all you can eat grilled meats and fish plus boiled veggies.  Basically you get a hot stone in front of you, where you grill meat on (takes forever while it's heating up) there's a ring of broth around it where you book your vegetables.  It's nice to have a friend at the gym to go to dinner with.

Paid for another month at the apartment: Talked the price down from 4,500 ($150US) baht including utilities to 3,500 baht ($117US)  a month without utilities, since I never use the A/C and turn off my lights when I'm not in the room, I'm guessing my bill shouldn't be more than 500 baht.  I know it sounds stupid that I'm trying to save $17US on my rent a month but it's more the principle of it since I know that's what the locals are paying.  And I'm seriously on a tight budget this trip so $17 a month actually makes difference.  

Decided to Stay at KC Muay Thai and not switch gyms: It's tempting to check out other gyms while i'm in Chiang Mai but I've decided to stay at KC.   Lanna Muay Thai and Burklerk in town which means much more to do.  Team Quest is across the street from Airport Plaza Mall which is my favorite place to eat and it's also where the movie theater is.  Chay Yai has a lot of cute western girls training there because of their Muay Fitness Cardio Class.  Santai Muay Thai has good social events such as the Doi Suthep run and various group outings.  

But KC has Kevin and Chun and my heart, at least for now.  Basically, it's just good training and that's my #1 priority right now.  Great pad work, really well run classes, trainers that genuinely care, and a decent location.  Especially since I'm not even at the point of being fit and having my cardio up to par, I need to just focus on that for now.  So there you have it, at least another month, if not more.

Wish me luck!

-Johnny @ My Fight Camp


  1. Really happy to hear your loving it over there bro.
    I've heard nothing but good things and really want to visit some time.

  2. Don't pull too much of that hair out johnny.... be none left! Glad to hear its going well mate. Big shame we couldn't meet up.... We are in Lanta now meeting up with Meagan, Corey, Thijs and Inge. Enjoying your blog! oli and flo

  3. One of the trainers at Team Quest is Ping. His nickname is the Lanna Warrior. I think he trains at Lanna but teaches at Team Quest. Im gonna be at Team Quest because they have a Grappling Program (No Black Belt Though), but I'm definitely gonna visit Lanna because of another blogger I follow.

    1. Sounds good, If I wasn't focusing strictly on Muay Thai right now I'd for sure go check out Team Quest as they're the only MMA school in Chiang Mai at the moment.

      But even when I was at Phuket Top Team I ended up doing Muay Thai 99% of the time so I finally decided, why the hell am I even at an MMA camp? Ironically, when I was in the U.S. this summer, I did strictly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu even though there was a really good Muay Thai school where I was in San Diego, mainly because I figured I'd have plenty of time to do muay thai here.

  4. Do you have an email address?

    1. Just ask anything you need here in the comments, that way everyone can benefit from the answer.


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