Saturday, August 6, 2011

What the Shared Bathrooms at Phuket Top Team Look Like

A couple of you asked in the comments if I could take a photo of the shared bathrooms at Phuket Top Team, so here you guys are, just for you.  First remember that the shared bathrooms are dorm style, so it is used by quite a lot of people.  Second, remember this is Thailand, where things are more 3rd world anyways.

For me personally, I've stayed at a lot of Muay Thai Training Camps here in Phuket and across Thailand, and I would say that the ones at PTT are the nicest I've seen.  It helps that the camp was just finished building in June 2011 so everything is still new.

All the showers at Phuket Top Team have hot water, which even though isn't necessary in Thailand since it's hot here, it's still nice to have, especially if you've been here for a while or it's a cold raining morning.

The only problem with the bathrooms at PTT was during the first two months I was here there were a lot of water problems and it felt like every other morning I would wake up to no water.  The first time it happened it wasn't a big deal, but after the 15th time it happened it got was very annoying and frustrating.  Imagine waking up and not being able to wash your face, brush your teeth, take a shower, or even use the toilet.  Even worse is half of the people staying at the gym would take a shit anyways and just leave it there.  I was considerate enough to walk down the street to a restaurant and use the toilets there.

As of a few weeks ago they pretty much fixed the water problem, and it only happened once since and they fixed it within 15 minutes.

I would say that as of today there is no longer a water problem at Phuket Top Team and it has been fixed.  They closed off one of the toilets which was the source of the problem, but five is still plenty and there is never a line to use the showers or toliets at PTT.

However, the water problem never should have been something that the guests should have had to deal with in the first place, and it was frustrating that it took them two months to fix the problem.  One easy solution to the problem could have been for the management to have the staff check the bathrooms every morning at 6:45am before everyone woke up to make sure they were all flushed, and if the water wasn't pumping to turn it on.  

Overall, I would say the bathrooms, showers, and toilets at Phuket Top Team are still the best I've used at any Muay Thai Camp in Thailand.

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  1. Thanks for the update and inside view johnny! Pretty nasty tho how ppl were still takin a shit even though the toilets were clogged. But overall the facilities look great


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