Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video: Tiger Muay Thai vs. China MMA

I just found the craziest MMA video on a Chinese website.  The MMA promotions in China are getting bigger and a lot of fighters from Thailand are getting sent there to fight.  But this being China, there is some funny business going on.

First, China wants their fighters to win and they will always stack the competition in their favor.  I've never seen so many big jacked in shape Chinese guys ever, but the ones that fight in their MMA Shows are monsters and usually are bigger than the Westerners they face up against.  They always have a lot more experience and fights as well, but the real catch is the rules are bent in the favor of the locals.  In Sanda rules you can take down and work ground and pound and submissions but after 10 seconds the referee will stand you up.  But from all the fights I've seen, when the Westerner is dominating the ref stands them up right away, and when the Chinese guy is winning, he gets the full 10 seconds.

Anyways, here is a video of a fighter out of Tiger Muay Thai fighting in China.

The soccer kicks to the head were illegal by the way and the referee did nothing about them, which is why Ray Elbe now refuses to ever send another fighter from Tiger Muay Thai to compete in China MMA.

The Chinese fighter looked bigger and heavier, he also seems like he might have been a Sanda or Olympic champion and outclassed the guy from TMT, but mainly it was the rule violation that made it an unfair fight, because I'm sure if it were the other way around the TMT guy would have been DQ'd or at least penalized for it, as it was said many times in the pre-fight meetings that it was illegal.  Also the fight announcer even said in Chinese that the soccer kicks were illegal as well.

However, none of that would have happened if the fighter from Tiger Muay Thai didn't try to pull guard over and over during the fight.  I'm not a ground game expert but Pulling Guard in MMA just to try to get the fight to the ground seems like a dumb idea and looks terrible to the judges and audience.  Also in Sanda rules where you only have 10 seconds to go for a submission.

But I doubt I would have been able to take out that Chinese guy in a fight so who am I to have a say.  Just wanted to share the video with you guys on my blog.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Wow that ref needs to go. Pretty bullshit fight, odds were stacked heavily against the TMT fighter. But thanks for sharing, I never imagined stuff liek this would happen

  2. AnonymousMay 13, 2012

    I am Chinese, so you can rest assured that I'm not being racist when I say that the China is probably the rudest, most hostile and racist nation I've ever had the displeasure of spending time in. The concept of justice completely eludes any institution within that country and I'm glad no one from TMT will ever have to experience that again.


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