Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chia Seeds - For Omega 3's, 6's, Weight Loss, Energy, and more.

I first heard of Chia Seeds in the book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall.

The book is a true story about the Tarahumara barefoot runners in Mexico, (who take off on 50-100-mile running jaunts as if they were evening strolls) and their drink of choice, the Chia Fresca, which he claims has the nutritional value a 'smoothie of wild salmon, spinach and human growth hormones.'

I don't know about the HGH but Chia Seeds do have tons of Omega 3's and 6's just like Fish Oil, and unlike Flax Seeds they don't taste like fish and don't need to be ground up.   And since they are super high in Antioxidants they don't spoil and do not need to be refrigerated.      

Chia Fresca for Fighters:

I just started drinking Chia Seeds with water today and am planning on making it a part of my daily diet and workout from now on.  Supposedly the Chia Fresca (Chia Seeds, Water, Lemon Juice) is something that you can sip on during workouts that gives you energy and protein, even during a run.  

My first experience with it today was pretty cool, I actually did feel an energy boost from it and I haven't been hungry all night after drinking it.  The seeds when soaked in water become 9x bigger and form a gel in your stomach that holds onto water, keeping your hydrated, and keeps you full.  It's good for weight loss if you drink it before meals since you wont' be as hungry.  

I'll keep you guys updated on how the Chia Seed experiment goes but I'm really glad I found it here in Phuket.

Chia Fresca Recipe:   (Super easy)

Pour 1-2 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds into room temperature water.  
Let it sit for 10-15 minutes - stirring occasionally
Add Ice and a squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

That's it.  Technically, you could just pour some seeds in your water bottle, let it sit for a while and shake it up if you wanted to do it the easy way.  By itself, it doesn't taste like anything, maybe a bit like watered down green tea.  But that's a good thing that it's relatively flavourless, so you can drink it while working out and not get tired of it.

Where to Buy Chia Seeds in Phuket:

It was a little complicated to pick them up here in Phuket since there isn't a physical store, so I'm thinking about just getting it in bulk for myself and for my friends that want it.  If you want some let me know, it'll cost 500 baht for a 300 gram bag which is enough to last a month.  Just leave a comment here if you want in.

EDIT:  Sorry guys, i'm no longer in Phuket.  Best advice is to bring your own from home or ask someone who's coming out to bring some with them.  

All the best,

Johnny - My Fight Camp


  1. Hey Johnny how are the Chia seeds working out?. Im thinking about buying some over here in Australia after reading that "The super food" =)

  2. Shayne you should definetely try them out, they are easy to drink and so far so good for me.

  3. Brought some today, looking foward to trying them out. Is the energy boost noticble at all?

  4. The first day I tried it the energy boost was noticeable, but I had a lot that day, at least 4 tablespoons because I was excited to try them out.

  5. Yeah I'm down to try some. It'd be good to get protein in the body during those long workouts. I'm in thailand now at tiger. I tried to add you on fb but it never went through.

    My thai phone is: +66 08 8819 9850
    or just email me on zkinion@gmail.com


  6. ur blog is awesome by the way,
    if u have any more chia seeds ill go in on them too,
    Thanks alot,
    Scott- im training at tiger

  7. Cool guys, I'm picking some more up today. I'll text you guys this afternoon and drop them off at Tiger.

  8. Hallo

    I would love to get my hands of a couple months suply of Chia seeds.
    Talked to Tony this morning and he said you left Phuket, but is there any way you can help get Chia seeds? I would be really thankfull.

  9. my email is: hermann.dill@gmail.com

  10. hello everyone
    i will be at tmt from the 8th of july -19th august 2012 and will have plently of chia seeds
    let me know if any one wants some


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