Friday, July 1, 2011

“At least one time in your life, train with the will to die.”

This morning I woke up, sore and tired from a week's worth of hard training and I wanted nothing better than to go back to bed.  But I knew that I needed to push myself so I forced myself to attend the No-Gi Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu morning class which is a submission wrestling class taught by Silvu Vulc, a Sambo Fighter and Brown Belt Raphael Lopez from Brazil.

The new indoor MMA area at Phuket Top Team is air-conditioned but that didn't stop me from pouring with sweat just trying to get through the warm up.  I thought hard about leaving class right after the warm up and apologizing to the coaches for simply being too fatigued.  But there's a huge banner on the wall inside the gym with the quote by Enson Inoue - "“At least one time in your life, train with the will to die.”

As i'm typing this now, 6 hours later - my body is still destroyed.  I'm sore all over, hungry and to be honest, it's the greatest feeling in the world.  

What brought me over the edge was the four rounds of rolling at the end of class.  I was dying by round three but kept pushing myself further.  As a guy that practices both Muay Thai and MMA, trust me on this, MMA - especially submission wrestling and BJJ is much harder and more draining on your body.  But this is why I'm here, to learn from top coaches, improve my strength and fitness and put it into practice.  

As much as I wanted to quit early, and as much as I hated the coaches for pushing me into a 4th round when I was already exhausted, I'm happy they did and I'm happy I made it through what was one of the hardest training sessions of my life.

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My Fight Camp

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  1. good for you mate.i'm planning to come out next year for at least 6 months and really want to train properly for mma.however it seems that tiger and phuket top team ar the 2 gyms to pick.i'm going to be in my 30,s and really want to change my life got any good tips and keep up the good work.very keen to see how you get along


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