Sunday, July 10, 2011

After One Month Training at Phuket Top Team

I arrived to train at the new Phuket Top Team gym here in Thailand exactly one month ago.  It's been a tough month but it was definetely worth it. I arrived out of shape after backpacking around south east Asia for five months and working as a scuba diving instructor, so I had some catching up to do.

If I could do it all over again, I would have arrived being able to run 5k but then again, maybe it took me being here in the first place to have the motivation to even walk one.

The Results after 1 month:

As much as I'd love to show everyone a dramatic before and after picture, that's not the way things work in real life.  However, what I did achieve is a building a great foundation for getting into that six pack shape that I desire to achieve.  I've lost 3kilos so far, which is 6.6lbs which makes me extremely happy.  I'm weighing in at 102k right now and my goal for this 3 month camp is to get down to 93kilos which is about 205lbs.

My cardio has improved dramatically and I no longer want to die after doing three rounds of pad work in Muay Thai.  I'm also able to push myself through the MMA class and hang during the free rolling at the end of each class.

My Current Workout Routine:

Mondays - Morning Muay Thai (7:30-9:00am)
               - Boxing Sparring              
               - Upside down shoulder pushups
Tuesdays - Morning Walk/Run - I started with just walking around 5km then running 1km and have been stepping it each workout shortening the walk and running more of it.               
- Afternoon Circuit Training (CrossFit) - 3x 1 minute sessions of kettlebells, pullups, ropes, giant tire throws, hammers, etc then a 1 minute rest, repeated five times, for a total of 15x 1minute rounds.  Thanks to fighter Will "the kill" Chope for doing this with me.

Wednesdays - Morning Muay Thai or MMA (Submission Wrestling)
                     - Muay Thai Sparring
                     - Push Ups

Thursdays -  Morning Walk/Run 6.5km
                 - Afternoon Circuit Training

Fridays - Morning Muay Thai
            - Sparring
            -  Explosive Pushups

Saturdays - Morning Walk to Chalong Gym - 2km each way
                - 1 set to failure heavy weights for muscle growth
                - Hill Sprints

Sundays - Rest Day
              - Spa and Massage

My routine keeps evolving and changing, the best thing I've done for myself is write down everything I do each day on a 99cent wall calendar and track my results. My goals are to lose fat while toning muscle, improve my explosiveness for my punches and kicks, and improve my cardio so I can go 5x three minute rounds hard.   I'll keep everyone updated.  Thanks for following.

Warm Regards,

Johnny at My Fight Camp


  1. Which do you like better, since you've been to both, Tiger or PTT?

    I'll be there on the 1st to aug 30th.

  2. Awesome blog dude, great work

  3. Zak, there are things I like about both TMT and PTT so it's hard to say. If you read my old posts about TMT and the ones about PTT you'll see what I mean. Tiger is more established and has big name guys around if that matters to you, plus it has larger facilities. PTT has smaller classes and is a newer gym. It's up to you at the end of the day.

  4. Hey Johnny, slightly off topic however I follow your blog and have a couple of questions :)

    I arrived in Thailand yesterday and am training at Tiger.. Can you recommend where to hire a motorbike from (Is there anywhere cheaper than Tiger or should I just get one here) and also what is the best phone sim/network to go with as far as reception/internet access goes?

    Keep up the blogging mate and hope your training is going well.

  5. Hey Tom, welcome to Phuket. The cheapest place to rent a bike is next door to Tony's Restaurant which is down the street from Tiger. It's a small shop next to the tattoo shop and it has prices listed on the front door (it's more of a guy's house) Tony's is cheaper than Tiger as well. However it's obviously more convient just to rent it from TMT.

    For sim cards I use 12call which is cheap and the reception is fine, you can get it from 711. But I don't use internet on my phone so I can't help you there. Good luck at your camp!

  6. Hey, thanks for the great blogs! Really appreciate you spending all the time on the writeups, great reads!

    If you dont mind, I have a few questions.

    Generally what are the class sizes at phuket top team right now? And do they serve any food onsite or its up to you to find your meals? Also do you know if the onsite accommodation rooms are filling up fast?

    Im arriving near the end of august, probably for 3 months till end of nov. Do you know if this is considered the low season? Thanks for all the help and advice

  7. Hey Ken, glad you are enjoying the blog.

    The morning Muay Thai class is tiny, with 2 or 3 students usually and five trainers. The afternoon class has around eight to ten students and six trainers. I think people are just too lazy to wake up for the 7:30am class.

    For MMA/BJJ/Sambo classes there are about five people in each class on average and two instructors.

    Food - There are protein shakes and protein bars at the camp, but for food your closest options are the two restaurants down the street, Ja Ja's and Tony's. Both are a 5 minute walk away, about 200 meters and it's where everyone from Tiger Muay Thai, PTT, and Suwit hang out anyways. Very few people eat onsite at TMT.

    Aug is still low season, high season starts in December so you'll be fine finding off site rooms. Right now there there are tons of rooms from 5,000 baht and up per month, $166US.

    Good luck and let me know if you need anything else man.

  8. Thanks for the reply Johnny! If you don't mind, could you give me your email? I have a few more questions, and it would probably be easier then me posting a comment for every question that comes up haha. Thanks!

  9. Hey Ken, just ask me questions here on the comment form, that way others with simular questions can benefit from the answers as well.

  10. Can I low please how much did u pay for full 3 month accodimation in PTT gym the one who are in gym and training and food please
    By the way your blog is great

    1. Hey Youssef, glad you are looking into PTT, I had a really great 3 months training and living there. Some of the information on costs of living in Phuket are already on my blog, but if you get the book, 12 Weeks in Thailand, I go into it in a lot more detail, and it's more recently updated as well. But as far as just accommodation at PTT, I stayed onsite and it was 5,500 baht per month on their budget rooms.

    2. Thank you man for information I saw the blog the one with prices list and it helped me a lot I am going on march 15 and staying for 3 month ......are you goin to be their PTT .....I have a question in the time I be their will it be hot so I can now if I take room with AC because I am the kind who can sleep in a hot place

    3. It gets hot in Phuket and the budget rooms in PTT only have one window so it gets stuffy. Get a room with A/C if you don't like to sleep in the heat.


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