Monday, May 30, 2011

Western Boxing at Tiger Muay Thai - From Zero to Hero in 2 weeks.

I remember vividly the first day of Western Boxing class at Tiger Muay Thai, because, well, I got my ass handed to me.  Even though I was getting pretty decent at Thai Kickboxing, I had never properly learned how to throw a punch, and more importantly, how to take a hit.

On the first day, I was matched up with a true wanker of a sparring partner.  He was 6ft 5inches, about 188cm tall, much taller than me with a good 5 inch reach advantage.  He also seemed like he was picked on a lot in school with his face covered in pimples, which explained his rage.  I asked him to take it easy as it was my first day, but he responded by knocking me around for three minutes.  When I asked him again if we could please take it slower, he flat out said "no" then promptly punched me full power in the face.

The wanker sparring "partner"

I haven't felt that bullied or helpless since I was a kid.  So I turned to the Chok Chai, the head western boxing coach, who happened to have fought Manny Pacquiao back in the day, and asked him for some tips.  Luckily there were some other experienced boxers around the camp that were more than willing to help me out, and by the next class, I at least knew how to properly cover up, keep my chin down, and block.

  Chok Chai (Tiger Muay Thai Boxing Coach) vs. Manny Pacquiao (the legend!)

The guys helped me formulate a game plan against a taller opponent with long reach.  To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to get my ass kicked by him again, so I avoided him in class for a week until I felt like I was more ready.  A week later, we got matched up again, but this time, I covered up, pushed forward and punched as an in-fighter would.  The plan worked.  I worked his body, as his long torso made it difficult to block his kidneys, and as soon as he opened up, I swung for his head.  

He was shocked, and I was delighted.  Not even two weeks before that, I couldn't land a single punch on him, and now, with some proper training and a game plan, I got my revenge.   I was a bit angry at him for being an asshole and beating me up on my first day of class, but thinking back, if he didn't do that, maybe I wouldn't have had the drive to excel as fast as I did.  

Anyways, if you're training at Tiger Muay Thai or any other MMA Gym that offers a Western Boxing Program, do it, as it fills holes in your kickboxing game.  For me personally iit gave me a huge upper hand in my last Muay Thai Fight since most Thai guys don't practice their punches.  

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  1. That was Justin in 2011 will be going back in 2012 , Maybe back to Tiger. He is only 18 years old.

  2. Cool video, but it was a different guy, not Justin.

  3. thanks for the post.
    any other info (trainers, class size, level of class) on how the western boxing was at tiger? im looking at heading for some western boxing.


    1. Hey it's been a while since I've trained at TMT so I'm not sure what their boxing class is like now, but when I was there it was all taught by Chok Chai and classes averaged 8 people. The boxing there was good, but if you're going all the way to thailand, you might as well do some muay thai and just do boxing once in a while.


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