Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fighting for Tiger Muay Thai - After three months of training

I didn't get into Muay Thai to Fight.

To be honest, I just wanted to get in shape, lose some weight and have fun hitting bags.  But after watching "The Ultimate Fighter" reality series I got pumped up.  I also realized that training for a fight made me push myself a lot harder than training just for the hell of it.

So I signed up for a Muay Thai Fight and forced myself to run, which I hate, and train twice a day, which was killing my body.  Mentally I was prepared.  After losing my first fight and watching the fight tape over and over again, I told myself never again will I let a fight go to decision and in the judge's hands.  

I also wanted to see what kind of damage I could do with them in the ring with my kicks. It's hard to really know what you are capable of and what you are made of before you step in the ring across from another man who wanted to knock your head off. 

Me getting ready for my fight at Patong Stadium, Representating Tiger Muay Thai

I was scared.  I was nervous.  

And I asked myself why the hell did I sign up for this in the first place.  But I knew I was in shape , and I knew my skill level in both boxing and Muay Thai had increased dramatically since my last night in Koh Lanta.  I was prepared, and I was ready.  Training six days a week for three months at Tiger Muay Thai got me more ready than ever for this fight.

My opponent, a Thai guy.  A bit smaller than me, but much more experienced.  Most fights with westerners vs. Thais end up this way and it usually ends up being fair.  He had 18 previous fights, and I had 2.  But I was ready.

Johnny (black trunks) fighting for Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket

My official record after that fight is 2 wins, and 1 loss.  Compared to my previous two fights, I was a lot more aggressive and confident this time, and my striking became a lot more accurate.  Also I had a game plan.  

Royce Gracie once told me: "Some fighters will say, first round i'm going to soften him up with some strikes, then take him down, do some ground and pound, then transition into a submission.  But that's not a plan, that's a wish."

So my game plan was simple.  Stay out of his clinch. My plan was to  jab and throw straights instead of big hooks and to keep him out of clinch range.  I know my clinch work sucks, as I get thrown around by my Thai trainers who are exactly half my size.  My plan was also to lead in with punches and throw strong kicks to the body.  Turns out having a game plan, and more importantly sticking with it, actually works.  Who would have thought?

Warm Regards,

My Fight Camp.


  1. hallow Johnny,

    have you ever learn muaythai before you go to TMT?
    i'd like to fight like u, but i'm not confident, because i realy a beginner in muay thai. next september i'm going to thai for a month, hope i can learn muay thai and have a fight like u. =)

  2. Hey Dee, I did Muay Thai for 3 months in Koh Lanta before going to TMT. If you want to have a fight while you're at TMT I suggest you go for more than a month especially if you're a beginner, I think 3 months is a good time to train for a fight.

    Good luck!

  3. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    Can you please add me on facebook
    I might be heading to Thailand to Phuket top team, some time and would like to ask you certain things when ill be heading over, sometime.


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